How To Set The Time On A Seiko NH35 Movement

How To Set The Time On A Seiko NH35 Movement

How To Set The Time On A Seiko NH35 Movement


The Seiko NH35 movement, renowned for its superior performance and impeccable accuracy, is an exceptional mechanism that powers some of the world's most esteemed automatic watches. Mastering its functions, including setting the time, will ensure your timepiece maintains its precision and longevity. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate your journey to mastering the Seiko NH35 movement's time setting feature.



An Introduction to the Seiko NH35 Movement

In the world of horology, the Seiko NH35 stands tall, revered by watch enthusiasts for its reliability, accuracy, and durability. An automatic movement manufactured by the Japan-based Seiko Corporation, the NH35 powers many automatic watches worldwide.

This robust 24-jewel movement features bi-directional winding, a date function, and an impressive 41-hour power reserve. It beats at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, ensuring a smooth sweep of the watch hands.



Identifying the Crown Positions

Before setting the time on your NH35 automatic watch, it's vital to understand the crown positions. The crown, which protrudes from the watch's side, adjusts the time and date. There are three positions:

  1. Position 1: Crown pushed all the way in. This is the normal position of the crown.
  2. Position 2: Crown pulled out one click. This position allows date adjustments.
  3. Position 3: Crown pulled out two clicks. This position lets you set the time.

How To Set Date and Time On A Seiko NH35 Automatic movement. NH35 Movement Crown Positions



Steps to Set the Time on a Seiko NH35 Movement

Setting the time on your Seiko NH35 movement watch can be achieved in the following steps:

  1. Remove the Watch: For a comfortable grip, remove the watch from your wrist before setting the time.

  2. Locate the Crown: Find the crown on the side of your watch. In its normal position (Position 1), the crown is pushed all the way in.

  3. Pull the Crown Out: Grasp the crown and pull it out two clicks to reach Position 3. This is the time-setting position.

  4. Rotate the Crown: To set the time, turn the crown clockwise or counter-clockwise until the watch hands point to the correct time.

  5. Push the Crown Back In: After setting the time, push the crown back in to Position 1. Your NH35 automatic watch is now set to the correct time.


 How To Set Time on a NH35 Movement by Seiko With Date Function



Understanding how to set the time on a Seiko NH35 movement adds to the enjoyment of owning a watch powered by such a precise and reliable mechanism. Not only does it ensure the watch serves its primary function of timekeeping accurately, but it also enhances your bond with this intricate piece of horological marvel. Master this simple procedure,

and your automatic timepiece will continue to provide precise timekeeping, ensuring you're never late for life's important moments.

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