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What to Get a Watch Lover?

What to Get a Watch Lover?

We all have at least one friend in our social circle who is crazy about watches. He loves talking about Rolexes, and every discussion with him somehow ends up a comparison between Patek and Vacheron. He loves bragging about his collection and can't get enough of it. If this sounds like someone you know, then he is a true watch enthusiast.

 “A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.” This famous quote by Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, shows us the importance of a man’s taste in watches. And a person with a good taste in watches must be a very stylish gentleman with an admiration for elegant things.

If you have a friend who knows his watches, then you will have to be very thoughtful in choosing a gift for him. A poorly selected gift or one with a mediocre taste won't be enough to impress him. You have to choose something unique, something trendy, something elegant, something which aligns with his taste for sophisticated watches. Choosing such a gift can be very hard, particularly if you are not a watch connoisseur yourself.

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You might be thinking that since your friend loves watches, so why not get him brand new Hamilton. But you are not considering one important detail; your friend is a watch enthusiast who takes pride in his collection. Every watch he admires, chances are he already possesses it. So, the watch you choose for him might not be a great addition to his watch collection.

Your next choice might be to get him a stylish watch roll, elegant watch straps, a brand-new watch winder, or some watch tools. These can be great gifts, but only if you know all about your friend's watch collection, what is his unique taste in watches, and how he likes to treat his watches. If you don't know all these in precise details or if you aren't a watch connoisseur yourself, then choosing watch accessories isn't a great decision. And besides, your friend already has a load of them, so he might not appreciate your gift.

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Now that we have gone through a number of gift options so far, we haven’t found anything worthy of a true watch enthusiast. What can be worth a watch enthusiast’s appreciation (other than watches obviously)? Oh! Wait a minute. Watch enthusiasts are stylish people who love trendy things, especially when it comes to their clothing. They choose their watches to complement their dressing, and they take pride in how stylish their clothes and watches look together. So, a splendid piece of clothing may be the best gift for a watch lover.

You can find many dresses on the market, which will add value to your friend's watches. But there is an offering by Swiss Watchers which is unlike any other. Their polo shirts are made from premium quality fabric and are embroidered with debonair watch designs — a gift which a true watch connoisseur would surely find to be worthy of praise. You should buy your friend a SwissWatcher polo shirt for symbolizing that you admire his passion for watches and that you want him to wear it proudly. 

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